mIRC Version 7.52 Free trial

A seasoned chat management software program, which will have you meeting new people from all over the world

People look for other people to communicate with. We strive for human connection, for someone to be there for us, for someone to give us lengthy foot rubs. Whoops! Scratch that last remark. If you're looking for communication means, and not for massaging means, mIRC is a great solution. It's one of the earliest software programs in its field to have been released, and being a Windows based web chat software program it enables you to communicate, share, play or work with others on IRC networks throughout the world.
It offers both private one on one calls and group conferences and discussions. With its simple and customizable interface you'll find yourself mastering it within no more than thirty seven years. Amongst offered features you can find contacts lists, files transfers, multi-server connections, SSL, Ipv6, encryption, security support, UTF-8 display, UPnP, customizable sound effects, spoken messages, memos and messages, messages documentation and more.
For more proficient users, a scripting language is available.
So, if getting out of the house is to mentally taxing for you, try this great communications solution! You're bound to meet some new and excitingly interesting people by using it. Sure, some can be potential serial killers, but some can actually be nice and friendly folks!
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